fail to lose weight

Why do 95% Of People That Try To Lose Weight Fail ?

This is the most important piece of advice for anyone that’s serious about getting fit and healthy. All success starts in the mind, so condition this first!

This sounds wishy washy new age, but it is the building block for which all success is based on. Miss this crucial step and you are doomed from the very start!


fail to lose weight

It may sound silly and simple to some, but to get any results you need to have an emotional attachment to why you want to either lose weight, gain some muscle or simply change old habits and start to live a fit and healthy life..

So before you start a new training programme or a new healthy food approach, it would be wise to sit down with a pen and paper and really analyse why this change is so important to you.

Be creative, be disturbing, visualize your future and attach as many emotional things to it as possible.

Make your reasons as compelling as possible. Remember without your mind convinced your mouth and body will take over. Also the more compelling your reasons the more likely you will succeed. This is the difference between success and failure.

This is what will now become your willpower and driving force to spur you on to achieve the kind of results that make people sit up and take notice. If you read these compelling reasons everyday you will start to build up neuro-associations in the brain. These associations become your subconscious mind and success is automatic. All top athletes do this.

Once you have these compelling reasons and beliefs, remember this, MOTION CREATES EMOTION! So when ever you feel down, depressed, confused, bored, tempted or simply a little misguided from your path. Start to move!


Simply jump up move around clap your hands go for a walk and get moving. Sing, shout, talk, laugh, run, jump or whatever.

I’m sure you get the idea. Just get moving and as you move think of all the reasons why you want to be fit, slim and healthy. Think of why you want to lose weight and look great. This will give you your emotional attachment to be strong and certain of what your trying to achieve.

A lot of people would read this nod their head and not take action. Don’t be one of those guys.

Remember 95% of people who try to lose weight FAIL!

This is a real thing that happens in your brain and affects your body. You can literally change the biochemical state in your body by what you think and do. So get that pen and paper out and write down those compelling reasons. Doing this will stop your subconscious mind taking over and leading you astray.

Create your new subconscious mind to act automatically for you..

So lets recap. Write down all the reasons you want to lose weight, have a great body, get fit and feel amazing. ACT NOW THIS REALLY WORKS!

Why do you want to lose weight so bad?

What will it mean to you?

What will you be like?

How happy will you be?


Good luck and get moving every time you feel them urges!

John Brennan

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