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Sole E25 vs E35 vs E55 vs E95 Comparison & Review – Which is The Best Choice?

The important role that cardio-vascular exercise plays in health and fitness has been well understood for many years, and the fact that elliptical trainers are one of your best options in getting that exercise is very well known.One of the most popular brands of not just elliptical trainers, but exercise equipment in general, is Sole […]

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How To Get Rid Of Saddlebags?

Do you have fat around your outer thighs and hip area? Are you dieting and working out, and still see those pesky saddlebags that seem to NEVER go away?For those that are unfamiliar with this term – saddlebags are the name of the extra fat that is around your things.Generally, when the muscles around your […]

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How To Use A StairMaster ?

Benefits of Stair ClimbersHave you ever owned a piece of workout equipment, but realized it was too complicated?  Or have you ever realized that you aren’t using a piece of equipment correctly, and thus defeating the purpose of having a workout machine in the first place?  That often happens, and that quickly leaves a piece […]

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