About Me

John Brennan

John Brennan

John Brennan is the founder of Fruity Fitness and creator of the 28 Day Body Rest Diet. After many years of trial and error he leads an energetic and enjoyable balanced life. The days of binge eating, junk food and weight fluctuation are now gone. John has developed these coaching programmes with the intention to help others understand why food is controlling their life, and how they can stop it.

As a results-focused coach John is intent on doing whatever it takes to help people get the results they deserve. Johns coaching style is unique and highly valued, encouraging people to take action and live up to their potential. He does this through a balance of support, challenge and strategies adapted to the client’s distinct situation.

John became a qualified fitness personal trainer in 2007 and went on to study clinical nutrition passing with Distinction. John has found that his background in fitness and clinical nutrition, together with his own personal food addiction struggle has been invaluable in enabling him to help others transform their own lives.

Throughout his early life, John struggled with his health: food intolerances, allergies, eczema and asthma plagued most of his childhood. At its worst these childhood illnesses saw him hospitalised. The doctors prescribed him medicine and he was able to function and live a normal childhood.

In his teens John was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, his knees would swell and his lower back would ache, once again the doctors would treat these symptoms with prescription drugs.

In his mid-twenties John went on to develop IBS which was to dramatically change his life forever. Initially John looked to the medical profession for help but soon realised this illness was different from the rest he had before. There was no magic pill this time. John endured numerous medical procedures where doctors attempted to diagnose and treat his IBS to no avail.

After taking medical advice, changing his diet and taking more drugs John finally had enough of the conventional medical approach, it just wasn’t working. He felt more stressed, bloated, constipated and exhausted. His whole world had to stop as nothing mattered anymore. His IBS overshadowed everything, he couldn’t enjoy meals, nights out, friends, family or work. His gut had literally taken over his life. Then the binge eating started and food began to control his life for many years.

For 8 long years John went on a rollercoaster ride of trial and error. Spending tens of thousands of pounds on nutritionists, herbalists, and naturopaths not to mention colonics, massages, acupuncture, herbs and supplements. He read over 100 books on IBS, nutrition, psychology and self-help. He also tried many different diets from elimination diet, alkaline diet, paleo diet, various vegan diets, anti-candida diet, soup diet, Ph miracle diet and many different juice fasts. Most diets left John stressed out as he always felt deprived of the foods he used to love and ostracised from friends and family, as he no longer ate or drank what they did. This led John to binge eating, depression and helplessness.

John, however, never gave up and finally had a breakthrough. After years of pain John finally found a cure for his Binge eating and IBS nightmare. Allowing him to focus on what he really wanted in life. John has since created both the FruityFitness.com and the 28 Day Body Reset Diet to help transform the lives of other sufferers.

He now lives an energetic life doing what he loves best, teaching others how to eat in abundance, lose weight and enjoy training whilst living a life of purpose.