Maxi Climber Reviews (2018)

Maxi Climber Reviews (2020) – Climb Your Way To A Better You

Let’s face it! One of the biggest dilemmas that we have today is maintaining a healthy body. With unimaginable work pressure and a hectic 24×7 schedule.

You all know that working out is good for our health and helps improve longevity and so on.

You, perhaps, even have a membership at one of the posh gyms in your locality. However, time is a major concern. Who has the time to spend two hours at the gym when you could spend that time on a relaxing spa or with your loved ones?

Sounds crazy to the average working individual, right?


In fact, it is now completely possible to achieve that healthy, toned body that you always wanted and that too in half the time that you would spend at the gym!

This miracle machine that we are talking about is the Maxi Climber. I will give you intensive Maxi Climber reviews so that they are guided to its product information.

So you can now work hard for that promotion, go out on dates and maintain that toned body of yours!

What is Maxi Climber?

Maxi climber is a compact all-in-one machine that helps you work on every part of your body – your core, biceps, triceps, glutes and hamstrings – simultaneously in one go.

It also helps you build stronger muscles, burn that fat and improve your cardiovascular health and thereby strengthening your heart.

maxi climber workout

This is a vertical climbing machine that get you ‘climbing’ to good health in no time.

We all know that working out helps you stay more active and alert, but in our hectic lives, find it impossible to allocate time to our health.

We need something that helps us work-out faster, but simultaneously give us the results that two hours at the gym regularly would. Maxi Climber is the perfect equipment if that is what you are looking out for.

Maxi Climber Reviews

Maxi Climber Reviews
The machine comes with the following features:
  • The machine is 22 inches wide, 36 inches in depth and has a height of 79 inches when completely opened up.
  • It has isometric non-stick grips. The soft handle provides a firm grip for better support and feel.
  • It comes with five adjustable settings for height.
  • It can be folded and stored away when not in use, thereby giving you more space.
  • It has a timer that detects the number of steps taken and the calories burned accordingly.
  • Maxi Climber Maximum weight limit is 109 kilos or 240 pounds.
  • Burns calories in the comfort of your own home
  • Designed to fit all body types and adjusts to different heights
  • Compact folding design that allows for easy storage and set up
  • Light and portable
  • This machine is moderately priced and easy to use
  • It is quiet when in-use
  • It is not only intended for physical exercise, but also work out the cardiovascular system. 
  • This equipment is basically a great equipment to enhance the heart and keep it healthy
  • Tall people who have low ceilings will find it difficult to operate this equipment
  • This machine holds up to 240 pounds

Maxi Climber Benefits

Maxi Climber Reviews

Unlike paying a hefty gym membership, that often times goes unused. You don’t need to have a lot of space for the Maxi Climber as it can be easily stored in the garage, closet, or even under your bed, and easily accessed when you want to use it with a quick unfold.

It doesn’t weigh a lot, which makes it easy to grab and unfold. I love how quick it is to take out and get ready for a great workout at the last minute.

The Maxi Climber is also extremely quiet and doesn’t have the click or buzz like other bulky machines.

You can work out while your family is resting or in the other room watching television or while the kids are doing homework, as it won’t disturb others. It is also quiet enough that you can watch television or listen to music, without having it blare.

The timer is also a bonus to this great machine. I don’t have to keep an eye on the wall clock or set a timer on my cell phone, as the Maxi Climber times my work out sessions for me and lets me relax and burn calories, without worrying about the time.

The Maxi Climber mimics the natural motion of rock climbing, which makes working out exhilarating, as it is different than just a stepper or a walking machine. It is easily adjustable to fit all heights, so it is safe and effective with all body types and sizes.

With it’s isometric non-stick grips, it will be safe for you to hang on to as you are ‘climbing’ that mountain to a healthier you.

How does it work?

MaxiClimber - The original patented Vertical Climber

The machine might be slightly intimidating to the first timers but using it is a piece of cake.

Before you start working out, place one foot on to the pedal and push yourself up to ensure that you the handles are roughly at your chin height.

It might need some adjustments which can easily be done.

Then place the other foot on the second pedal and get in to a comfortable position.

Ensure that throughout the workout, your body stays in a straight line and not inclined at an angle like the machine itself.

Angling your body can cause damage to your knees and create unnecessary stress on the muscles.

Now once you start working out, start slow.

You need to get your body used to rock climbing. Use the handles on the top to raise one leg at a time, bring it down while you bring the other leg up simultaneously.

Ensure that you move steadily and don’t bounce sideways. Use your core muscles to keep your hips and upper body from swinging.

After your body gets used to it, the warm-up phase comes to an end. Now you need to start taking longer strides, that will put more pressure on your body and thereby build more muscles and give you better results.

Your strides should be eighteen inches apart at least in this phase to give you the healthy and fit body that you want.

Along with this, the workout design is such that you also improve your stamina, balance, co-ordination and endurance.

Remember, the harder you work out, the more fat you burn and a higher pace will help shape your body faster and tone up those muscles.

​How Does The Maxi Climber Compare

1. Maxi Climber vs Stair Stepper (Stepper Climber)

One alternative for a climbing machine similar to the Maxi Climber is the Xiser Commercial Mini StairMaster.

Like the Maxi Climber, it is light weight and stores easily under a bed or in a closet.

Like the Maxi Climber it is a cardio machine, but it doesn’t work the arms like the Maxi Climber.

Another climbing machine on the market similar to the Maxi Climber is the Sunny Health and Fitness Twister Stepper with Handle Bar.

It is a stepping machine with an added bonus handle bar for balance. It also has a LCD computer that times your workout like the Maxi Climber does, but it also counts the calories burned.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Twister Stepper with Handle Bar adjusts the stepping height like the Maxi Climber, but again, doesn’t work the arms like the Maxi Climber.

It is also harder to store, as it doesn’t fold as compact as the Maxi Climber does.

2. Maxi Climber vs Conquer Vertical Climber

In comparing the Maxi Climber to the Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine 2.0, there are many similarities. Both provide great work outs and burn calories and fat fast.

Both machines are durable and fold for easy storage, as well as they are both quiet.

The differences between the Maxi Climber and the Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine 2.0 is the price.


The Maxi Climber will solve your exercise conundrum and the need to work out, rather than going to expensive gyms and getting bored just walking around the block.

You can burn more fat in the least possible time. And not just that, you get to work on different parts of your body through just one machine. So it saves time and money.

With this cardio burning machine and a sensible diet, you will have fun ‘climbing’ to success and to a healthier you.

If you have been trying to find a product that is easy to store, burns calories, and is something new; then the Maxi Climber is the work out machine you have been looking for.

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