How To Use A StairMaster ?

Benefits of Stair Climbers

Have you ever owned a piece of workout equipment, but realized it was too complicated?

Or have you ever realized that you aren’t using a piece of equipment correctly, and thus defeating the purpose of having a workout machine in the first place?

That often happens, and that quickly leaves a piece of workout equipment as a clothing hanger, rather than its intention. It is important to understand how to use certain workout equipment in order to get the best workout possible.

In the past, I have used a StarMaster for a low cardio workout. I also used the StairMaster to tone my lower body and legs.

But in order to get the best workout I can, I need to realize how to use the StairMaster correctly, in order to optimize my workouts.

How To Use A StairMaster ?

What is a StairMaster

The StairMaster is a cardio training machine that gives you a cardio workout, while working and toning your legs.

The StairMaster simulates the movement of climbing stairs, and has a revolving staircase that mimics the look and feel of real stairs.

In order to make your workout the best it can be, or if you are looking at buying a StairMaster for your next workout purchase, it is important to understand how the StairMaster works.

How To Use A StairMaster ? (Right Way)

According to Marie Mulrooney, author of the article Tips On Using The Stairmaster, from the LiveStrong website, it is important to know how to use the StairMaster in order to get the full workout to fit your busy life.

In order to get the full workout on the StairMaster, your workout should be at least fifteen minutes a day to fit The Centers For Disease Control’s requirements for a healthy life.

The StairMaster can adjust to fit a moderate or vigorous workout. The higher you set the intensity lever, the faster your heart rate will go up, and the faster you will sweat.

Another key element to working on the StairMaster is to stand up straight. The StairMaster has handles or handrails on the side on if. They are there for balance, and not to be leaned on.

Leaning on the handles or handrails will make you have poor posture. Leaning on the handles and not standing up straight will also not give you a full intensity workout because you are leaning and not holding up your full weight, and thus not putting in full effort.

If you are leaning over too much and can’t stand up while on the StairMaster, then you need to adjust the speed to a lower level so you can properly stand up straight in order to get the maximum intensity out of your workout.

How To Use A StairMaster ?

On the StairMaster machine, you can put in your accurate weight into the control panel.

Some may not want to do this for fear of revealing your weight, but this information will help give you accurate details about how many calories you burned during a particular workout. It also will give you accurate heart calculations, when you enter your correct weight.

To get the full workout on the StairMaster, don’t just go at it fast and get your workout over with. You need to have a five to ten minute warm up at the beginning of your workout on the StairMaster.

This will help you get into your workout, and it will make your intensity stronger. This is like jogging before you run. When you are finished with your workout, don’t just get off of the StairMaster.

Add in a cool down so your muscles can loosen up. This will help so you are not as sore the next day. It will also help prevent injuries.

You Tube Video – How To Set-Up & Use A StairMaster:

Keys To Get The Best Workout On The StairMaster:

  • Workout at fifteen minutes a day
  • Stand up straight and don’t lean on the handles
  • Input your weight into the center machine in order to get accurate calorie and heart readings
  • Insert a warm up and cool down into your workout
How To Use A StairMaster

Your Thoughts

In order to fully get the most out of a workout machine, and to know if you should buy a particular one, you need to know how it works.

In reviewing how the StairMaster works, I know that this is the machine that fits my life, and by knowing how to use the StairMaster, my workouts will be stronger and more effective.

If you have any questions about how to use the StairMaster, please comment, and I will answer any questions you may have.

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