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Does Milk Contribute to IBS – Our In Depth Article

Milk does not contribute to IBS! But how about other animals ?

They grow up full of health and vitality as this is what nature intended. How can something so natural be so hard to digest?

Ok I’m being sarcastic, let’s rephrase the statement – Does cow’s milk contribute to IBS?

First of all let’s concentrate on a few different questions regarding milk. This will help you answer the question on your own.

In today’s society asking questions is vital as everyone is fat, sick and fed up. Let’s not open the fridge and chuck down that white frothy drink just because mum, dad and Jim bob down the road do.

It’s ok to be different.

does milk contribute ibs

People won’t kill you for doing something positive for your health (they will just sneer as if you’re insane and ask a few silly questions lol), but once you start to look, feel and act like a champion the same people will say “err what’s your secret?!”

So why do we drink milk from another animal?

That’s the billion dollar question, or should I say that’s the billion dollar milk industry’s question.

I believe we drink cows milk simply because it something we have always done. There are many things the human race once did that were eventually proved to be wrong.

Have we been conditioned to drink milk?

We have been conditioned to eat, drink, watch and buy so many things without analysing why the hell we are doing it.

cow milk

The whole time we work harder, see our family’s less and get sicker in the process. These habits start at a young age and are passed down to the children. Who has the time to read up on nutrition or question anything for that matter?

People are too busy working jobs they hate to buy things they can’t afford to impress people they don’t like.

Guess what, big companies are not your friend. They couldn’t give two monkeys about your health and wellbeing. Profits are all they care about. So listen to your body’s intuition.

Wake up if you are trudging your fatigued body around with constipation, gas, diarrhoea, heartburn, asthma, eczema or acne.

These are not normal problem we all have to deal with and take drugs for, these are all early symptoms your body is communicating with you to change something. If you don’t you will become another statistic.

Life is about quality not longevity. Looking after one’s health can mean an amazing end to life. Not suffering!

What is in human milk?

Human milk works great for humans, as the ratios of macro and micro nutrients are in there perfect size.

Macro nutrients basically means protein, fats and carbs. Micro nutrients just to name a few are minerals like magnesium, selenium, zinc, potassium and calcium. Also the human breast milk has specific strains of bacteria.

human milk just good for baby

The bacteria helps digest and generate new vitamins and minerals within the gastrointestinal tract of the baby.

No need for probiotics! These nutrients are essential to the growth and development of all children.

When we see babies rejecting formula that has derived from animal proteins, this is nature’s way of saying “No I can’t take this please stop”.

Just like a cough on that first poison cigarette or that vomit all teens get when they first get drunk. Some babies tolerate cow’s milk like some adults do. The reason for this is the same reason we tolerate cigarettes, alcohol and coffee. We just become immune to it.

It doesn’t mean it’s not leading us to disease and sickness. Some people have stronger constitutions and mineral balance for a number of reason.

These babies may not show any signs as their immune system is working so well. But the immune system can only tolerate attacks for so long.

One day you may need your immune system and find out all its efforts are being directed elsewhere.

Is milk designed solely for a specific species?

Yes this is what mother nature intended. All species be it a tiger, monkey, elephant, zebra or cow have the precise amount of macro and micro nutrients in their milk.

These nutrients are specific to grow and develop that animal into its specific size, and to live in its specific terrain.

It makes logical sense that a cow would need more calcium as a cow is to grow to approximately 1000 pounds. The last time I checked man was roughly 180 pounds. So the fact that cow’s milk has high levels of calcium in it isn’t surprising at all. This is what seems to misguide people.

(I wonder how that happened).

More is not always best as more of something that is not biologically designed for your body can cause problems.

The molecules of cow’s milk are going to be much bigger than human milk.

The protein casein is going to be hard to break down into amino acids as the structures are not designed for the human body.

Your body will produce mucus in order to protect you from anything it perceives as a foreign invader, especially harmful substances it sees as a threat. Cow’s milk as in all animal products has many drugs pumped into it, antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones to name a few.

There are more stomach test done on cows then there is on human beings. Cows are big business and mean huge profits. So the milk industry has an investment to protect.

Why are they getting so many illnesses?

Small family farms have moved on now to these huge factory farms that feed the sick masses. They are cramped in small cages all day unable to walk, standing and sitting in there piss and shit cramped together like zombies.

Very cruel but we don’t get to see this as we walk down the super market isle and pick up the frothy white carton. These animals do feel pain and are aware what’s going on. is what the masses want! Every £1 you spend is a vote for what you believe in. You don’t have be a tree hugger or call yourself spider lol, don’t tell anyone if that suits you.

Milk is clogging, mucus forming and an irritant for most digestive disorders including IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, gas bloating, heartburn and candida. The skin eruptions, eczema and acne you develop, is your body trying to rid itself of the acidic animal chemically induced milk!

The acid – alkaline balance in your body.

The human body has to maintain an acidic / alkaline Ph balance.

The scale runs from 1: extremely acidic to 14 extremely alkaline.

Vinegar has that tart taste due to its acidic content and milk of magnesia has that soothing effect due to its alkaline content.

We need to stay at 7.34 on the Ph scale, if we become too acidic we will die so our body does whatever it can to maintain the balance.

Milk has an acidic effect on the human body. This has to be neutralised in order for us to survive. We do this by using our alkaline stores within the body. Guess where the biggest source of alkaline can be found?

Yep, the bones. So the calcium you drink in the form of cow’s milk in order to strengthen your bones turns out to be weakening your bones!

The four countries that consume the most milk are the USA, UK, Finland and Sweden. The four countries that have the most cases of osteoporosis (Weak Bones) are USA, UK, Finland and Sweden.

It’s actually laughable when you think about it. Well not really when we consider years ago doctors told us to smoking is good for nerves and stress, especially when pregnant.

Why does no other species on the planet drinks milk from another animal?

Because all animals eat their natural food.

This is what gives them the most energy to mate, hunt, run, or graze. Animals eat the food they are designed to eat as this gives them the energy to survive and thrive.

goat milk better than cow milk

To drink milk from another species would be foolish as it’s not biologically designed for their body.

It would only slow them down and result in death as I’m sure there are plenty of predators watching the weak, waiting for their chance.

Yeah! That’s it !

So I hope these above points have put milk into perspective for you. The bottom line is, milk is no good for you no matter what your situation.

Especially if you suffer from IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, gas, heartburn, acne, eczema, asthma or any digestive related disorder. Also the fat you eat is the fat you wear so keep your fat content low if you want to be slim and healthy.

There are many different alternatives to cows milk. Almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, oat milk and soya milk to name a few.

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