tired to fitness

Are You Too Tired To Get Fit And Healthy ? Here’re 5 Tips For You

5 tips on how I went from sickness to fitness!

So there are a multitude of reason why people get sick, each reason would no doubt blame the another reason

I.e. the pollutant pumping car industry, the disease causing fast food establishments, or the hypnotic TV and rise of the ever dependent technological age.

Many would argue a world of processed fast food and sedentary causing technology is a welcome distraction many people enjoy living in a fragmented western society where all family values and self-discipline seem to be lost.

The fact is most people know deep what’s good for them and what’s not. But sadly most people don’t follow their gut instinct.

I mean you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to realise that fruits and greens are good for you and loafing on the couch hypnotised by your TV is bad.

How many times have you said there is nothing on the TV but continued to watch a load of absolute brain numbing drivel or said to yourself that you will start a healthy lifestyle once an event is out the way.

Knowing what’s bad but still continuing to do it is insane right? But most people blame their busy lives or the bullshit stories they tell themselves in order to keep themselves sane in this insane world.

Maybe a few of these below ring true with you:

  • In a rush haven’t got time to eat anything healthy
  • Work to many long hours
  • I like doing nothing and eating crap
  • I’m too old
  • I’m too sick
  • I’m too fat
  • I don’t know what’s healthy or what’s not
  • I don’t know how to cook anything that’s healthy and tasty
  • The kids are running me ragged I haven’t got time to figure out this healthy lifestyle thing
  • I’m too stressed at the moment
  • The fat gene runs in our family

The fact is most people will never feel like changing their life around to get fit and healthy.

Because doing this requires too much energy while sitting on the couch eating pizza is effortless.

So sadly people listen to their bullshit stories to justify why they can’t change. In the meantime their body slowly degenerates leading to illness and disease.

Cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, osteoporosis to name a few plague the western world. 1 in 3 people are dying of cancer and 1 in 2 people are dying of a heart related disease.

All roads seem to lead to these fatal illnesses. But no one seems to care enough to change. The sickness your body goes through is a sign you need to stop what you are doing and CHANGE.

tired to fitness

When you are fatigued, constipated, bloated or have diarrhea guess what that’s a sign stop what you are doing and listen to your body. Spots, acne, boils, eczema or bad red rash-prone skin again stop what you are doing, stop eating you are poisoning your body and your body is trying to tell you.

There is more going on at work beneath the skin and it is compounding into your worst nightmare.

People are popping pills to treat their conditions and more pills to treat the side effects that the previous pill caused.

These pills are full of chemical man made drugs that are made in a laboratory. I don’t remember the last wild animal limping around with arthritis to then pop a bunch of pills while drinking at the lake.

Animals eat food that nature has designed for their body. They also exercise daily when they are being chased or looking for food. But then they haven’t got the stress of work, bills and commitments not to mention the lure of the cleverly advertised junk food.

I mean is there a department of lions that spend millions of dollars on how to manipulate the other lions into eating destructive food that damages their health. I

f that happened it wouldn’t be long before another bunch of lions got filthy rich yet adding to the sickness of their fellow lions by creating a pharmaceutical company to treat all the sick lions with nice little pills.

Does this new ecosystem sound familiar to you…?

So enough of the doom and gloom of things you already know. What are my three tips you can do to stop being sick and start being healthy.

Most people have forgot the amazing feeling of health, vitality and confidence. That feeling of purpose and self-worth. Don’t you want to feel strong inside and out. Don’t you want to feel like you can take on anything?

Don’t be another statistic. Constipation, bloating, candida overgrowth, fatigue, diarrhea, depression, asthma bad skin, headaches, back pain, brain fog and many more are symptoms which are ebbing away at your body wearing your immune system to the ground.

Don’t let them compound into something big before it’s too late.


Stop blaming everyone else for the mess you are in. You are fat, sick or depressed because of the choices you have made.

Healthy people had the same problems you have. Whether it’s the economy, house prices, food companies, family commitments, lack of time, stressful events, big occasions, peer pressure, food knowledge, the fat gene, the sick gene, exercise knowledge etc.

These situations and bullshit stories are the same for everyone – it’s how you react what counts.

Own the fact that it’s your problem that you have created.


You can do anything you put your mind to but you must believe in yourself in order to do it. Roger Banister completing the 4 minute mile is a great example of how strong the human belief system is.

Man had never once run the 4 minute mile since records began. But Roger Banister had different ideas because he believed he could do it.

He trained everyday intent on running that 4 minute mile until one day he finally broke the world record and did it. But the really strange thing is what happened next. In the following two years 16 more people run that 4 minute mile.

Why? Because they now knew it was possible. The human belief system is the most important aspect of a human being. Sure you need the right amount of leverage to make you do something.

But if you don’t believe it’s possible you won’t even try. Trust me no matter how bad you have got it there is someone out there that has had it worse and turned their life around.

People that have gone from 20 stone in weight to 10 stone in weight or from stage 3 cancer to a fit and healthy body.

You can change your life around like the millions of people have done before. You are what you eat, do and think. This creates what and who you are.

So know that with a strong belief you can change. Start NOW even if its reading and researching on how you are going to overcome your problems. knowledge is your gateway to a balanced fit, healthy, energized life.

I have many articles and free information on my website on how I went from sickness to fitness, feel free to indulge.

Also start listening to your body NOW even if its an apple a day or a walk around the block. Just keep making progress and build on the previous day. Get the momentum and build on it.

Not the “ill do the research, diet and exercise on that certain day when i feel like it” attitude. Guess what your never feel like it. That’s why you haven’t done it. Just start NOW!


This is vital for your success. If you are sick, struggling with chronic digestion issues or overweight you have probably done internal damage to your body that needs time to heal.

This damage is repairable but not if you go on a quick fix fad diet to then go back to your old habits.

The old you has to change as the statistics don’t lie. You don’t want to be sick, fatigued or overweight lugging your body around, living a fraction of your life to find out ‘damn I’ve now got a critical illness or a condition that requires injections or 15 pills!’

Therefore finding a plan that you know intuitively will bring health and vitality is essential. Many diets will start with cleanses, fast or an initial stage. Remember these stages are hard work and draining as the body releases so many toxins into the body.

It’s the diet and lifestyle after the initial stage that’s important.

When it comes to the food you should eat, what makes most sense to you? What food do you intuitively know will cause your body to create mucus?

What foods do you know will cause constipation, bloating, gas or digestive pain?

What foods bring your skin out in terrible acne, rashes or pimples?

For me I found a mucus free diet and that completely cleared my health crisis. I tried every diet I could get my hands on for 10 years but I still was always sick.

I suffered with constipation, bloating, acne, fatigue, candida fungus overgrowth and depression.

When I found a diet and lifestyle that I knew made sense that’s when my health turned around. Most other diets I did was because someone else said this is what you need to do.

So mentally I agreed but intuitively I was sceptical. Anyway I went high carb, low fat, low protein vegan. This is not as bad as it seems.

I once thought that vegans only ate twigs and lettuce, but the diet is varied and delicious. Most importantly there is no calorie restricting and for me that was important as I’ve always loved my food and have always eating more than I should.

That’s how I knew I could stick to it long term as calorie restricting didn’t work for me. Once you learn 8 dishes you are set.

jClick here to see why the high carb low fat vegan diet made sense to me. But please finish this article as your nearly there.


This is one of the most overlooked problems we face today. Most people are worrying about everyone else and forget to care for themselves.

We worry about the kids, partner, work, boss and peer pressure from friends to be a certain way or to attend social events. All this whilst you are spinning the stressful modern day stresses of life.

When you are sick you are no good to anybody. What good are you to your children if you have no energy to influence them in the right way?

How good are you at work when you’re running on quarter of a tank? We all know a relationship requires passion, love and energy to flourish. So take time out for yourself.

Sit down on your own and create a life you want and work on it. Don’t just react to the world as your end up like everyone else. It’s hard at the start to change but within a few weeks you will feel like a million dollars and everyone will benefit.

But first you need to be selfish and focus on how you can get yourself healthy and vibrant so you can contribute more. Start now by writing these 4 tips down.

Taking action on something you have read means you are more likely to follow through with it. So please do it.


Last quick tip is the art of saying ‘NO’. Learn to say no so you can start focusing on yourself and your health.

If your friends are your true friends they will understand. I always recite a great quote “if they mind they don’t matter and if they matter they won’t mind”.

Your friends will still be there doing the same thing in 3 months, 6 months and probably the next 5 years.

So be selfish and concentrate on your health and your family.

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