Sole E25 vs E35 vs E55 vs E95 Review – Which Is The Best ? An Expert Opinion

The important role that cardio-vascular exercise plays in health and fitness has been well understood for many years, and the fact that elliptical trainers are one of your best options in getting that exercise is very well known.

One of the most popular brands of not just elliptical trainers, but exercise equipment in general, is Sole Fitness, which helps make the choice of what to buy a lot easier just leaves you with the job of selecting the right model for you.

So today we will be doing a Sole E25 vs E35 vs E55 vs E95 review.

Having a look at the price tag involved with buying one of these machines, not to mention the importance of your physical health and wellbeing, we are going to do a very thorough investigation of what these various models have to offer, so that you can make an educated decision about how to invest your money in home exercise.

Let’s start by having a look at the pros and cons of each machine:


sole e25 review


· Assembly is relatively easy

· It is the most affordable model on this list

· Includes many of the same, more important features that all the other models have.


· Low maximum weight

· Its screen does not automatically show the resistance level you are working at

· It had the most consumer complaints about noise and general structural integrity


sole e35 review


· Footbed on the pedals are manually adjustable

· Has the same, longer warranties as the more expensive models

· Has a very heavy flywheel in comparison to other models


· 40% more expensive than the E25, but does not have that many more features.

· Quite a couple of consumer review complain about the internal wiring being faulty

· Self-assembly could be easier


sole e55 review


· Decent size, 9” display

· A compact model in its price range

· Very few consumer reviews that have consistent complaints.


· Even though it is one of the more expensive models, it has a relatively light flywheel

· Its maximum weight is not any higher than less expensive models

· Self-assembly can be quite difficult


sole e95 review


· Has a weight limit of up to 400 lbs.

· 27 lbs. flywheel for maximum intensity workout

· Large 10.1” TFT screen


· The most expensive model in the range

· Quite difficult self-assembly

· A couple of consumer complaints about the internal wiring

What do all the models have in common?

There are a couple of standard features that you can expect to get with all the above mentioned models, which will not be taken into account for direct comparison purposes.

All the machines come with a heartrate monitor that can be used either through the stationary handle bars, or a heartrate monitoring chest strap that is provided with all models.

Many users have reported that more accurate measurements of their heartrates were taken with the strap, as the measurements provided by the handlebar grips are bound to be off with about 10 bpm with almost any exercise equipment that makes use of them.

All models have a built in fan, speakers, headphone jack, Bluetooth connectivity and a water bottle/accessory holder. It is worth noting that many consumer reports are a little disappointed in the quality of the built-in speakers, yet this is far from the primary function of this machine and thus is not regarded as a major issue.

All these models are front-drive machines that make use of a dual-rail system for the wheels, adding extra stability and helping to avoid pedal shifting when operating your exercise equipment.

They also all share the same set of 20 different incline and resistance levels, which are automatically, electronically adjustable. In addition, all models can operate both forward and in reverse.

Another standard feature is the fact that all models come with 6 pre-set programs and two user definable programs, as well as a 20” stride length that goes up to about 22” as the incline is increased.

Direct Comparison: Sole E25 vs E35 vs E55 vs E95 Review

Let’s now have a look at what the differences are between these four models and see which one ends up being the best value for money:


With all of these models you have an option to either assemble the equipment yourself, or pay a little extra for a professional to assemble it for you.

If you are going to opt for the self-assembly option, you will find that the E25 is the simplest of the four to assemble by yourself, with the E35 and E55 being marginally more complex.

The E95 is the one where the most complaint about struggles with self-assembly were found, something that is further compounded by the fact that it is a heavier machine with a heavier flywheel, and moving the parts into the room where it is to be assembled (the fully assembled product me be too large to fit through standard doorways) can be somewhat cumbersome.

Maximum Load Capacity

The maximum load that the E25 model can handle is 350 lbs, with the E35 and E55 both being capable of handling weights of up to 375 lbs. The E95 has the highest max load capacity, however, with people weighing up to 400 lbs. safely being able to use this model.

Resistance Levels / Flywheel Size

The size of the flywheel has an effect on the resistance level you can achieve, and a general rule of thumb is that a heavier flywheel will nett you a higher resistance.

This is not the only factor in how much resistance an elliptical machine will offer, but it is one of the main ones and the easiest to measure.

To that end we can see the E95 will offer the most resistance with its 27 lb. flywheel, the E35 comes in second with a 25 lb. flywheel, and both the E25 and E55 last at only 20 lbs. - still not light and still capable of giving you a very decent workout, but if you are a fitness fanatic seeking the biggest challenge, the E95 is most certainly going to be the machine for you.

Pedal Size

The pedals on all of these models were deliberately made oversized so that anyone can have a comfortable experience.

The footbeds are also slanted inwards at 2 degrees, as this is claimed to be a more natural placement of the feet and will allegedly help to eliminate stress on the joints when operating the machine, but that is where the similarities end.

The E35 and E95 also have the additional option to further manually adjust the footbeds, in order to match your particular way of walking exactly, adding that extra level of comfort.

Display and Controls

sole e95 moniter


The display is where there is the largest difference between the different models. All of the models have white backlit LCD displays, with the size gradually increasing from a 6.5” on the E25 to 7.5” on the E35, 9” on the E55 and the largest display is the 10.1” TFT display found on the E95 model.

sole elliptical e25 moniter


There is a practical difference to be found here as well, as the E25 does not automatically display the resistance level on the smaller screen and you will have to manually scroll through the various statistics to find that information.

sole e35 moniter


The controls on all of the models a pretty much the same, with quick setting buttons for the resistance and incline found to the left and the right of the display respectively. These buttons are set at increasing intervals of two, ending at 16, from where you can increase the resistance or incline up to the maximum of 20 through the menu.

sole e55 moniter


Size and Weight

It is worth noting that all of these models are rather large, heavy machines, in order to give you the most stable, smoothest ride possible. The E25 and E55 are the smaller of the four, measuring 64" x 70" x 24" and 64" x 71" x 27" respectively, with the E25 weighing in at 212 lbs. and the E55 just two pounds heavier at 214 lbs.

The E35 and E95 are of the exact same dimensions at 67" x 82" x 31", but the 236 lb. E95 is significantly heavier than the 213 lb. E35.


There is a lot of praise for Sole’s warranties and after sale service and all models come with a lifetime warranty on their frames.

The warranties for the electronics and parts on the E35, E55 and E95 are rather long, being 5 years, and a 3 year warranty on their labour.

The E25 has a slightly shorter set of warranties, being 3 years for electronics and parts, and one year for labour.

Consumer Complaints and Reviews

When preparing to make a large investment on anything, it is worthwhile checking online to see what other consumers who have already made the purchase have said in their reviews about the item and/or service you are about to spend your hard earned money on.

For the E25 there were consistent complaints about the wheels skipping off of the tracks on some of the older models, a squeaking noise being made not long after they have started using the machine, as well as some of the bolts and joints coming loose.

For the E35 the consistent complaints where about the internal wiring, but there were really not that many complaints to be found.

No consistent complaints were found for the E55, but that may also be because it is a slightly less popular model.

Finally, the E95 also had some generally good reviews, with the most common complaints being about control panel and monitor related issues, which may in turn be related to issues with the wiring.

Verdict: Which model will offer you the best value for your money?

When we consider all of the above, the E35 has to be the one that offers you the best value for money.

It might cost you quite a bit more than the E25, but it offers a much longer warranty, the second largest flywheel, a decent maximum weight and very few consumer complaints.

Truly a good mixture of positive features for the second most affordable model on our list.

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